In the late 1950's, my parents and family friends took in every movie that was shown in The BIG FINN HALL.  The movies or DOCUMENTARIES were in black and white of course.

The movie projector was large and noisy with big film reels. I remember this because I also got to go to see the films. The film in particular that I remember was a documentary of Russian surgeons doing a cataract surgery. The text was in Finnish.  The person in charge of the projector came with the machine from the LITTLE FINN HALL.  His name was Mr. Voutilainen as I remember.  Interestingly, my career is in healthcare and nursing as a calling.


I have fond memories of the live plays/productions that were held at the BIG FINN HALL in the 50's.  My Finnish language grasp and use was nowhere developed as it is now, but I enjoyed the lively dialogue and accompanying actions.  I hope we can see some productions mounted again.
How interesting that the revival of the FILM FESTIVAL AT THE FINLANDIA CLUB is a continuation of the tradition of the arts and performing live theatre and films, to this day in 2010.

 P.S.  The YSTAVYYS KERHO (Finnish Friendship Club) of the Finlandia Club has kept up the live theatre performances for the past 30 years. At least one play a year has been in their agenda.  The plays are performed in the Finnish language.  The average age, of the artists, is 70-75.

March 14, 2010

1950's Movies, Plays and Documentaries at  the Big Finn Hall