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This area of Thunder Bay North (formerly Port Arthur) is where I grew up.  During the 1960's it was a wonderful neighbourhood with a diverse population.   It was a simpler time and life was not rushed.  The Chief of Police walked to work and greeted you with a wave of his white gloved hand.  Children played kick the can or hopscotch in the middle of the street, only moving when the odd car or the police came down the street. 

The neighbourhood is continually changing.  Folks and businesses move away and new ones take their place.  Some landmarks such as the Finnish Labour Temple/Finlandia Club have stood the test of time, still standing after 100 years, while others such as Cornwall School have disappeared.

Descendants of the original homeowners have largely moved away, but happily, a few remain.  Some of the old homes and businesses are now parking lots.  Long time businesses such as the Hoito and Squitti's can still be found on Bay Street.  Others such as Colosimo's and Folino's have closed their doors.   Scandinavian Delicatessen, Bay Meats, Janzen's Pharmacy, and Finnport, to name a few, thrive with a new generation of owners.  Young entrepreneurs have given the area new life and promise with a variety of coffee houses and youth oriented clothing stores. 

This area bordered by Red River Road to the north; John Street to the South; High Street to the West and Lake Superior to the East is experiencing renovation and new construction.  Renewal has its advantages, but forgetting history in the process does not.  The most beautiful cities in the world incorporate the old and the new.  
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"History teaches everything including the future."

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