Subject: Photographs on 100th Anniversary website

Date: Sun, September 12, 2010 4:55 pm


Dear 100th Anniversary Committee:

I have found your website very late - I see that your celebrations were already in July.  
I am an American of Finnish extraction, and my father's father spent his teens (1912-1919) in Port Arthur with his parents and siblings.

His name was Lauri G. Parssinen - he appears in one of the Finnish brass band photos on your site; he played the cornet. He also appears with mother and sister in the circa 1917 group photo taken in the Big Finn Hall under the P.A.S.S.O. banner (I have copies of both in my collection.)  I have a number of other photos in my collection from their days in Port Arthur - mostly what appear to be outdoor gatherings with groups, family, or friends.  Does anyone have any interest in copies of such photos or sharing information regarding them, and do you have any interest in having positive identification of the family members I can identify in the photos on your site?

Best regards,

Parhain terveisin,

Carol Parssinen
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Life in Port Arthur 1912-1923  (Lauri Parssinen)
Parssinen Family History
Port Arthur 1912-1923

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