February 23, 2009
Growing up on Bay Street
In the early 1960's the neighbourhood kids and I would go to the Finlandia Club hall to participate in gym class put on by the Reipas sports club. We received a green felt badge once we paid our 25 cent membership fee.  Weekly,  we would go through a side door in the hall to the back room and drag out the horse, the spring board and assorted mats. Exercise rings hung from the ceiling. We learned to tumble, jump and play different games. At Christmas some of us would go up on stage to perform what we had learned. 
February 23, 2009
In the early days the club used to have a balcony with seating. I remember we would always try to arrive early so that we could sit up on the balcony and watch the performances from there. MM

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Reipas 1960's